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ACUTE CARE, INC. supports the Legislative Action on Medicare Physician Reimbursement

ACUTE CARE, INC. supports the Emergency Department Practice Management Association’s Action Alert, which includes, in part:

Urge Congress to Eliminate or Delay
Scheduled Cuts to Medicare Physician Reimbursement
This week the House of Representatives is likely to consider legislation that will address some of the 9.75% cut to Medicare provider reimbursement that is scheduled to take effect in January 2022. The Senate could consider the legislation as early as Tuesday of next week. We urge you to reach out to your congressional delegation and ask them to support legislation that will eliminate or delay the scheduled Medicare cuts.


You can identify your member of the House and find their contact information by visiting and typing your zip code in the upper right corner. You can identify your two senators and find their contact information by visiting and searching senators by state.   Since the vote is imminent, we recommend making these three phone calls and leaving your message with the person who answers the phone.


1) There are 3 cuts to Medicare physician reimbursement that are scheduled to take effect in 2022:
  • 4% pay-go sequestration is scheduled to take effect in January 2022 unless Congress waives the requirement to pay for the COVID relief package that was passed earlier in 2021.
  • 3.75% one-year increase in Medicare reimbursement which addressed the deep cut to the Medicare conversion factor will expire at the end of 2021 unless it is extended.
  • The suspension of the 2% mandatory Medicare sequestration will expire at the end of 2021 unless it is extended.
2)  More than a majority of the members of the House have already sent a letter urging their leadership to address these cuts: 0/14/2021 Bera-Bucshon Physician Pay Letter
This is an important issue, with a significant impact on our shared practices and, in our opinion, worthy of your support.
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Paul Hudson, FACHE
Chief Operating Officer
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